The Beginning

It was 1994 and Brandon Stone had just finished five years of active duty service with the United States Marine Corps. Having spent three of those five years with the Department of State, Office of Diplomatic Security, Brandon decided to return to Indiana to seek employment in the security industry.

While working as the Assistant Director of Public Safety at Circle Centre Mall, Brandon became friends with Jim Nielsen, a Deputy Sheriff with the Marion County Sheriff's Department. After establishing a friendship, Jim introduced Brandon to Mike Moore, a former officer with the Indianapolis Police Department. Weeks later, Jim and Mike informed Brandon that they owned a security company called Trinity Executive Services, Inc., which was comprised of one or two clients and a few officers. Not long after, Brandon was offered a position with the company. Over lunch a few days later, while looking over a few scrap pieces of paper with schedules, names and phone numbers, Brandon, Jim and Mike decided to put a plan in place to build a solid, reputable and dependable security company.

It didn't take long for the three to realize the need for a professional, honest and well-respected security company in Indianapolis. So the work began to create what is now one of the largest locally owned security companies in Indiana. For the next several years, Brandon, Jim and Mike worked tirelessly to bring in new clients, hire employees, create and revise company operating procedures and to find better ways in which to serve our clients.

It wasn't until about the year 1999 when Trinity Executive Services, Inc. finally moved out of Brandon's family home and into its first office. No longer would officers have to pick up their checks that were hidden in a barbecue grill. No longer would applicants have to sit through an interview at a nearby waffle house. And, no longer would Brandon's house serve as a home, office, conference room, dispatch center and storage unit for a fast growing security company. The rest of the story, as some would say, is history.

The Difference

What makes Trinity Executive Services, Inc. different from other security companies?

Trinity has always been owned and operated by military veterans who went on to become Indiana Law Enforcement Officers. It is the values, the principals and expectations of the owners that drives the success of our company. The bottom line is . . . we do not accept excuses and will not settle for anything but the best.

Unlike many Indianapolis security companies, we do not operate on a shoe-string budget out of a living room or basement office. Visit our office, as we encourage all of our future clients to do, and you will find several professional and talented staff members hard at work in a multi-room office complex. With six seperate offices, a conference room, uniform and equipment room, kitchen area, five phone lines, two fax lines, a computer server with eight work stations, a state-of-the-art copier, surveillance equipment, five marked patrol cars, three additional company cars and approximately 120 officers . . . Trinity has the experience, the equipment and resources to meet or exceed your expectations.